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[Video] Interview with Mike Capuano – Pluribus Networks

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Written by: EPS Global Avatar 6/25/2019

We interviewed Mike Capuano, CMO of Pluribus Networks, at the OCP Summit in San Jose earlier this year. Mike talks about simplifying the software-defined data center, using a combination of their Netvisor ONE and Adaptive Cloud Fabric to enable programmability and lower capital and operating costs by leveraging white box economics.

One of Pluribus Networks’ strengths is in multi-site data center unification, where their Adaptive Cloud Fabric controller-less SDN implementation stretches across several sites and unifies it so it all looks like one logical entity. Fundamentally, what that allows the operator to do is have many switches across many sites, and go to any switch and program the entire fabric, or see complete traffic visibility across all sites from that one switch. Mike also explains how Pluribus and EPS are breaking down the barriers for customers to move to open networking.

Have your customers been thinking about modernizing their data centers with open networking white box solutions, or even starting to get their hands dirty? Open networking for the data center is at an inflection point – more and more data center operators are making the move to the white box approach to lower costs and break free of vendor lock-in while simultaneously heading toward a software-defined future where automation, agility and programmability are key benefits.

You can get our Pluribus Starter Kit here: Edgecore white box hardware plus Pluribus Linux-based Netvisor® ONE and Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ software that can be easily deployed into brownfield or greenfield environments.


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