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Finisar Instrumentation News - Spring 2018

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Written by: EPS Global Avatar 3/29/2018

Power Splitting for WaveShaper® 4000A / 16000A

A unique capability of the WaveShaper 4000A and 16000A instruments is their ability to supportprogrammable power splitting of a signal between multiple output ports. This function, previously only supported in the WaveManager program, is now available from within the latest release of the WaveShaper App and also as an embedded functionality within the WaveShaper itself. Power splitting ratios up to 100:1 are supported, with splitting available across any combination of ports up to 1 x 4 (for the 4000A) and 1 x 16 (for the 16000A).

Download the latest software and firmware from the Optical Instrumentation Webpages. https://www.finisar.com/optical-instrumentation 


WaveSource Programmable Laser

Finisar demonstrated the concept of the WaveSource™ Programmable 

Laser at Photonics West 2018. The WaveSource is capable of stepping its output signal withinmicroseconds to predefined frequencies in the C-band of optical communications with an accuracy of better than ±500 MHz. While performing continuous steps, the laser can operate with scan speeds of over 1000 nm/s. It does not contain any moving parts and is therefore well suited for continuous operation, for example in sensor systems.

The WaveSource was demonstrated as part of a THz spectroscopy system in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute from Berlin, Germany. The WaveSource enabled a unique combination of measurement speed, resolution and compactness of the spectroscopy system. Talk to us at OFC about how the WaveSource can assist in optimising your sensor systems.


Enhanced Diffractive Optical Elements

LightSmyth® Technologies, the industry leader in high-efficiency diffraction gratings and diffractive optics, has introduced a family of all-dielectric diffractive lenses and beam converters for applications including sensing, telecom, microscopic imaging and computer generated holograms.

LightSmyth’s new family of all-dielectric diffractive lenses and beam converters uses the company’s proven Deep UltraViolet (DUV) photolithography patterning process. The components convert an arbitrary input wavefront to an arbitrary output wavefront with high efficiency in a micron-thick layer of metamaterial. This new line of Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) has applications in 3D sensing, aberration corrected microlenses, ‘top hat’ beam diffusers, phase converters, and computer generated holograms. The diffractive elements are etched directly into the substrate and contain no organic materials, providing the same reliability, power handling, environmental stability, and robust mechanical properties found in all LightSmyth products.

For more information, visit http://www.lightsmyth.com/ 

Online Knowledgebase

We are continuing to add information to our Online Knowledgebase at http://www.finisarknowledgebase.com/.

Information can be found by a simple search and includes code examples as well as ”How to” instructions. The content of the knowledgebase is growing quickly and additional topics are added frequently. If you are unable to find an answer to your specific question or problem, you can still contact the Finisar test instrument team at finisar@epsglobal.com .

Click here to view the full range of Finisar WaveShapers. If you have any questions, or require datasheets or pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch


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