WiFi Hardware Comparison, new videos & more! - June Tech Roundup from EPS Global

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Written by: EPS Global Avatar 6/14/2019

In this month's edition: Billy Connolly jokes and sliced bread in Wi-Fi - The Cause of and Solution to all of Life's Problems, Part II and a video exclusive with Industry Titan Mike Capuano, CMO of Pluribus Networks who talks about multi-site data center unification, enabling programmable, and lower cost data centers by leveraging whitebox economics.

Finally - “We were looking for quicker access and a better price point to offer our customers... I would absolutely recommend EPS to anybody”, a new EPS happy customer story is now live.


What's New?

[Blog] Wi-Fi - The Cause of and Solution to all of Life's Problems, Part II

Billy Connolly, the Scottish comedian, laughing at his father for losing his glasses again, jokingly told him about an article he had read for a prescription car windscreen. His father thought this would be the greatest thing since sliced bread and wanted one immediately. Now, imagine the vision as this vehicle approaches and a man with a head the size of a small asteroid is looking at you!! My point is we have to careful when looking at things we are told will change our lives for the better. We have all heard the buzz around 5G so let’s have a look and see if it’s a prescription windscreen or our generation’s sliced bread. Read on here.

EPS Programming Website Launch!

We've just launched our new EPS Programming website. We've been working with OEMs and CEMs running PCBA across the world for 2 decades, offering IC programming and tape & reel services. Head on over to our new website to check out our services and new videos.

Media Center

[Video] Customer Stories

"My Account Manager at EPS is extremely responsive and quite literally in minutes has quotes back to me with timeframes, deliverables and tracking information for everything supply-chain related." - Kala Wong, CANCOM.

Whether it's responsiveness, competitive pricing or helping you make your customers happy, we've got you covered. See what one of our customers has to say in his customer story. Watch Video now.

[Video] Interview with Mike Capuano – Pluribus Networks

We interviewed Mike Capuano, CMO of Pluribus Networks, at the OCP Summit in San Jose earlier this year. Mike talks about simplifying the software-defined data center, using a combination of their Netvisor ONE and Adaptive Cloud Fabric controller-less SDN implementation to enable programmability and lower capital and operating costs by leveraging white box economics, and multi-site data center unification. Watch Video now.

Product Announcements

Edgecore Wi-Fi Demo Kit

We have several Edgecore Wi-Fi demo kits to share with eligible customers, comprising of 3 Access Points, 1 Controller and a PoE Switch. Rigorously test Edgecore’s wireless offering in your own environment and see the benefit of complete user management which will allow you to enhance the value of your Wi-Fi network. More information on the business benefits and datasheets here.

Upcoming Events

FIEE Smart Future

July 23 – 26 2019, São Paulo Expo

We’re exhibiting at FIEE Smart Future in São Paulo next month, showcasing our IC Programming services. FIEE Smart Future will provide access to disruptive technologies trends which are changing the electronics, energy, automation and connectivity industries. Join us at Booth A119 by the Smart Connectivity Arena to discuss secure programming for the IoT and automotive sector.


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