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The Critical Lowdown Podcast Episode 10

Outsourced Device Programming: A Simplified Manufacturing Solution
Mick McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer, EPS Global

Microcontrollers run our lives. They power industrial and consumer products from factories to fridges, coffee machines, our phones and our cars. These tiny devices work together in symphony to perform the tasks that keep us moving. With demand for these devices already high and growing year on year, manufacturers are under pressure to make sure their devices are on time, on budget and secure. Can outsourcing device programming simplify the manufacturing process, and can it help manufacturers maintain speed and quality on their assembly lines?

Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Mick McCarthy, who is our Chief Operations Officer. Mick has 40 years experience in the industry. He co-founded EPS Global in 1999 and was CEO of the company for 20 years before moving to the COO role to allow him to concentrate on growing the services business.

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Outsourced Device Programming: A Simplified Manufacturing Solution

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