System Integrators

System Integration Applications

In a highly competitive industry, EPSGlobal knows that the right vendor selection and on-time delivery of a well executed system is critical. We provide the highest quality products on the market more quickly and more cost competitively than anyone else. We only work with world-class suppliers and our products are rigorously tested so you can be sure they will perform in your system design, and meet functional requirements.

EPSGlobal's product portfolio includes optical transceivers, intelligent PDUs, low latency network cards, and fast storage amongst others. This selection of products helps you increase the reliability, capacity and bandwidth of the systems you build, whilst reducing latency on networks and power consumption.

We work closely with our Integrator customers to help them succeed in winning tenders, projects and regular business.

What does this mean for you?

Because we hold a vast inventory in our distribution hubs globally, we can react to your requirements more quickly and cost effectively than other equipment vendors, allowing you to cut costs. In addition, our quality products can help you ensure your customers' mission-critical systems are available and secure, allowing you to offer a higher quality service.

Issue: Capacity & Bandwidth
Solution: Finisar 40G Transceivers, Finisar 100G Transceivers, Finisar Active Optical Cables
Issue: Power Consumption, High Energy Bills, Reducing Downtime
Solution: Enlogic Systems,
Issue: Need to increase the utilization of current resources
Solution: Chelsio Communications, Fusion-io, Virident
Issue: Handling Legacy Networks
Solution: CTC Union Media Converters