Service Providers, MSPs and Enterprise IT teams increase quality of experience and reduce cost with Telecom Infra Project’s Open Wi-Fi by combining disaggregated multi-vendor hardware, enterprise Cloud WLAN controller, management, automation analytics and backed by a strong ecosystem.

Radio Resource Management

Optimizes the wireless operation ensuring each Access Point operates on the optimal channel, band, and each device is linked to the best possible Access Point.

NetExperience Radio Resource Management
NetExperience Configuration

Configuration and Management

Allows providers to create profiles for types of venues and use cases, and ensures consistent settings. Software is kept up to date.


Permanently monitors the quality of experience, and when an issue is detected, it self diagnoses the condition and takes appropriate actions.

NetExperience Automation
NetExperience Troubleshooting


Features make it easy to diagnose complex conditions without requiring a site visit, or re-creation of the issue.

How Open Wi-Fi Solves the Problem of Vendor Lock for Service Providers

One of the many challenges Wi-Fi service providers face is the Catch-22 problem of vendor lock, a dilemma that arises when you become confined to a proprietary solution despite the availability of lower cost alternatives. As a service provider, you must always balance the quality and features of your product with the total cost of ownership (TCO). However, even after an extensive selection process, you will likely find yourself locked into the vendor you chose as your TCO includes not only the price you pay to the vendor, but the training and operations of the products in real-life deployments.

NetExperience Troubleshooting
NetExperience Opportunities for WiFi Operators

New Opportunities for Wi-Fi Operators with Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoaming

The promise and delivery of Open Wi-Fi and OpenRoamingTM is changing the way Wi-Fi is deployed and managed, creating lucrative new opportunities for operators and service providers. Open Wi-Fi enables the deployment of disaggregated networks by using hardware running open source software, from multiple low cost vendors managed by a single cloud-based management system.

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