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Open Networking - Life on the Edge

An expert handbook for IT professionals, engineers and business leaders.

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Barry McGinley
EPS Global
Technical Sales

The world's biggest and brightest companies have embraced Open Networking as if their very lives depended on it... because they did! Facebook for example, pioneers in this area, rethought and rebuilt their infrastructure based on Open Networking for 3 main reasons: cost savings, automation and most importantly, the ability to keep up with the ever-increasing demands on their data center. These benefits of Open Networking are not limited to the hyper-scale environment, everyone from Facebook, to the smallest enterprise, should be looking at embracing these technologies.

This eBook Is designed to educate, empower and inspire those who are looking for high performance solutions at lower cost to drive their business forward.

What you'll learn:

  • Open Networking
  • The benefits of Software-Defined Networking
  • OpenFlow
  • Open Networking & Edge Computing
  • CORD - Center Office Re-architected as a Data Center
  • ONF Projects
  • A Guide to Open Source NOSs

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