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The one-of-a-kind PICOS open NOS with tightly coupled control planes gives network operators surgical, non-disruptive control of their enterprise applications, deep and dynamic traffic monitoring, and even attack mitigation – all in real time. There’s no better way to implement zero-trust networking and software-defined perimeters than PICOS.

Why choose EPS Global?

EPS Global sits at the center of the open networking ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments.

Edgecore Networks
Open Compute Project


PicOS Software Switches install on 1G to 100G interface open switch hardware from leading vendors such as Dell and Edgecore as an alternative to legacy hardware switches. PicOS comes in two flavors: Enterprise Edition and SDN Edition.

PicOS SDN Edition

A PicOS SDN Edition license includes the Debian Linux OS and a full set of OpenFlow features through Version 1.5.


  • Full-featured enterprise routing stack
  • Network Virtualization across Campus and Data Center networks with EVPN VXLAN fabric
  • Identity-based policies are automatically applied through complete integration with Policy Managers such as Cisco ISE and Aruba ClearPass
  • Full featured 802.1x implementation to enterprise access layer for IoT, authorized users and guests
  • Support next generation enterprise access switches with multi-gig Ethernet and up to 100 W PoE for deployment of next generation 8x8 Wi-Fi 6E access points
  • Support next generation aggregation and core switches with 96x25G and 64x100G ports
  • CrossFlowTM dual control plane technology for improved OpenFlow integration, scale and management (Layer-2/Layer-3 and OpenFlow running simultaneously on switch ports)

PicOS Enterprise Edition

A PicOS Enterprise Edition license includes the Debian Linux OS, L2/L3 switching and routing features, and OpenFlow 1.3


  • Leverages OpenFlow to control MPLS, GRE, NVGRE or VXLAN tunnels, delivering on the promise of open programmability
  • Support for all major OpenFlow controllers, including OpenStack Neutron ML2, ONOS, Open Daylight, HPE’s VAN, NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller, and Ryu
  • OpenFlow 1.5 User-Defined Fields for looking deep into packets of interest


  • Web interface/GUI for OVS configuration
  • Interoperable with Open Daylight, ONOS, HPE’s VAN, NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller, and RYU
  • Table Type Patterns (TTP) support for Unicast and Multicast pipelines
  • Configure a LAG as MTP (Mirrored Traffic output Port)
  • 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) in PicOS OVS / OpenFlow mode
  • Memory table management allows for greater flow scale
Pica8 AmpCon

AmpCon Network Controller

AmpCon is a network controller that automates Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), deployment, configuration and lifecycle management for PicOS Software Switches. It provides a Web UI and is deployed as a software appliance that runs in a virtual machine (VM) running in the data center or cloud. AmpCon supports remote deployment and scalability for 1000s of PicOS Software Switches.


  • Ease of use with centralized policy management and automation:
    • Deployment and configuration management of remote switches at scale
    • Security and network compliance
    • Scheduled backups and upgrades
    • Customize automation with Ansible Playbooks
  • Automate management of PicOS Software Switches, which have complete interoperability with existing Cisco and legacy infrastructure
  • Infinite expandability with open APIs


  • TACACS+ Authentication for Rolebased Access Control (RBAC)
    • Super User
    • Admin
    • Operator
    • Read Only
  • Operation Audit Logs
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Password/Key Masking
  • Initial Security Configuration

Pica8 Use Cases

Pica8's Network Operating System is best suited to the following applications:

The Benefits of Open Networking

Freedom of Choice

Edgecore switches support the broadest set of commercial and open source software choices in the industry.

Greater Control

Greater control over the development of enhanced network services, flexibility to work with best-in-class suppliers.

Rapid Innovation

Rapid innovation through community and DevOps approach.

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX

Automated & accelerated provisioning of network capacity & services, providing reduced network equipment & operating expenses.

The EPS Advantage

Source your entire network solution, including software, in one place, and save yourself time and money.

Global Reach
Global Reach. Local Presence

We have offices in 28 cities in 16 countries - giving you access to a global supply supported by a local team. Local language & currency support in each region.

Stock Availability
Stock Availability

EPS Global stocks all the hardware you need: switches, optics, and cables in our regional distribution hubs worldwide, allowing us to minimize lead and transit times for our customers.

Presales Support Team

Our engineers offer pre-sales technical advice, connecting you with the right software vendor for your application, and will configure the hardware, supporting you through your implementation to ensure it is a success.

Authorized Distribution

Peace of mind. EPS Global has franchised distribution agreements with its suppliers, ensuring traceability, genuine products, and the best tech support. Need something else? We can source products for you.

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