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Pluribus Networks and Edgecore White Box Starter Kit

Edgecore white box hardware plus Pluribus Linux-based Netvisor® ONE and Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ software that can be easily deployed into brownfield or greenfield environments


​Distributed, controllerless SDN fabric easily spanning geographically dispersed multi-site data centers so they appear as one logical entity

Automated, fabric-wide provisioning for configurations, services and policies with a single command via RESTful APIs, ensuring consistency and reducing errors and provisioning complexity

Rich per-tenant services per slice including Layer 2/3 VPNs, VXLAN-based Layer 2 extension and Layer 1 VirtualWire™

Comprehensive network slicing with full isolation across the management, control and data planes, wherein each slice can be managed with different tools (e.g. Ansible)

Pervasive fabric-wide visibility of attached devices and traffic flows for real-time troubleshooting and proactive network planning

CapEx savings of 30-60% through white box economics

Preview Starter Kit:

Have your customers been thinking about modernizing their data centers with open networking white box solutions, or even starting to get their hands dirty? Open networking for the data center is at an inflection point – more and more data center operators are making the move to the white box approach to lower costs and break free of vendor lock-in while simultaneously heading toward a software-defined future where automation, agility and programmability are key benefits.
Data center infrastructure is rapidly moving from 10 GbE to 25 GbE connections from the server to the top-of-rack switch, along with 100 GbE uplinks to the spine switch, as the growth of 5G, cloud, SaaS, IoT and rich media applications continues unabated. Whether your customers have a single-site or multi-site data center and are thinking about a speed increase or want to give their network engineers an exciting new Linux-based project to explore, now is a good time to consider an open networking approach.
The financial, technical and operational benefits offered by open networking are driving demand for joint solutions consisting of Pluribus software and Edgecore white box switches offered through industry-leading distributor EPS Global. These joint solutions provide the flexibility to offer customers open networking solutions tailored to their needs as they design their single-site and multi-site data center and private cloud networks. 

Why choose pluribus?

While there are different white box OS offerings out there, only Pluribus Networks Netvisor ONE OS and Adaptive Cloud Fabric bring this critical combination:

  1. A VXLAN data center virtualization fabric combined with SDN automation for operational simplification across a single site or geographically distributed sites without the complexity, cost, resiliency and latency penalties found with external controller(s).

  2. Easily deployed in a brownfield environment with existing Cisco, Juniper, Arista and Extreme spine switches, as well as in greenfield builds.

  3. Built on low-cost white box hardware yet proven in some of the largest production deployments in the world.

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This starter kit takes the complexity and risk out of starting your deployment of open networking. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric provides a programmable software-defined fabric featuring VXLAN network virtualization, SDN programmability and pervasive performance analytics that enable organizations to improve service velocity, performance and reliability with sub-second re-convergence times.

What you get


In this starter kit

Pluribus Netvisor ONE Network OS

Edgecore Switches

II-VI (Formerly Finisar) AOCs

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