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We understand that our success is driven by yours, that's why we provide the highest level of service to make your life easier. See what some of our customers have to say.


Stories from our Customers

Whether it's stock availability, quick turnaround on quotes, engagement or technical advice you're after, we've got you covered.

"I've worked with a whole bunch of different distributors and some of them I loved some of them I didn't, but EPS just exceeds every promise. No one knows all of the players in the disaggregated networking space the way EPS does, EPS has been fantastic for me in making it really simple by gathering all the parts together. EPS just help me make my customers fantastically thrilled with the service I provide."

"The level of service that we're getting from working with EPS has been tremendous. Anytime we send over a request to EPS the turnover is quick, we have quotes within an hour or two, that's not typical in our industry, especially when we're working to get competitive with pricing. On countless occasions EPS has come through for us and then we in turn come through for our customers. At the end of the day we have happy customers, and we’re happy - and EPS made it happen."

"We were looking for quicker access and a better price point to offer for our customers. My Account Manager at EPS is extremely responsive and quite literally in minutes has quotes back to me with timeframes, deliverables and tracking information for everything supply-chain related. The knowledge base, the availability, the engagement - it never feels like I'm being sold, it always feels like I'm being guided through a problem to be solved so that's why I would absolutely recommend EPS to anybody."

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