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Check out our Unboxing Open Networking Series, where we take a look under the hood of the latest Edgecore hardware, and discuss compatible open NOS software.

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Edgecore Open Networking Switches

Cloud Data Center Solutions

1G to 800G Open Data Center Switches

Edgecore Cloud Data Center Solutions allow users to deploy the best topology and protocols for their network environment.In traditional networking, devices and their software come in a proprietary format from a specific vendor, Edgecore Cloud Data Center Solutions make networking infrastructure more fexible and customizable, users can separate (disaggregate) a device's hardware and software components, and select software from open source communities or afferent commercial software vendors. Edgecore Cloud Data Center Solutions allow users to deploy the best topology and protocols for their network environment.


Service Provider Solutions

Routers, Packet Optical and OLTs

Open networking is addressing telecommunications service provider requirement for new central office architecture, managed service delivery, monitoring and analytics networks, and Internet Exchanges.
Edgecore Networks delivers the leading open networking solutions which meet the requirement for telecommunication service providers to upgrade its new networks to CORD (Central Office Re-architecture as Data-center). CORD combines NFV, SDN, and elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacenter economics and cloud agility to Central Office for Telecommunication


  • Aggregation Routers
  • Core Routers
  • Access Routers
  • Optical Line Terminals - OLT
  • Packet Optical
Edgecore Telecom Solutions
Edgecore Wireless Products

Wireless Solutions

Manage up to 10,000 Access Points

Edgecore Networks offers integrated Wi-Fi solutions for complex Wi-Fi environments, ensuring a high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective wireless experience.

From Wi-Fi to Switch, from Controller to Cloud, from infrastructure to application, and from Terragraph to OpenWi-Fi, Edgecore’s solutions empower businesses with new opportunities for value-added services, Edgecore is your perfect partner to carry out all kinds of networking innovative ideas for the future.


The Critical Lowdown

A Podcast from EPS Global

The Critical Lowdown is a technology podcast from the team at EPS Global. Each episode will give you access to industry experts, and step beyond the anecdotes to see how new technologies, chip shortages, and an ever-changing security landscape affects you and the projects you're rolling out.

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Edgecore Product Brochure

Edgecore Product Brochure

Q4 2023

Keep up to date with the latest Edgecore products, including Cloud Data Center switches; Open Routers; Enterprise Switches; and Open WiFi Solutions.

For more information about any products in this brochure, you can contact your local EPS Global location here


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