Plume SuperPod

Plume enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver unparalleled, proactive support and services from a cloud-based platform for greater adaptability,

Plume is the creator of the world's first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers and their subscribers, deployed in more than 25 million locations globally. As the only open and hardware-independent solution, Plume enables the rapid delivery of new services for connected homes, small businesses, and beyond at massive scale. On the front end, Plume delivers self-optimizing WiFi, cyber-security, access controls, and more. CSPs get robust back-end applications for unprecedented visibility and support. Plume leverages OpenSync™, an open-source framework which comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon, CPE, and platform SDKs.

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Best-in-class Smart Home Services
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An enterprise-grade tool for small businesses
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A set of applications that allows CSPs to truly see their networks for the first time
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