Founded in 2013 as a spin out from the University of Plymouth (UK), Pulsiv was primarily focused on developing techniques for extracting more energy from solar panels. Pulsiv designed and patented an improved system for efficiently converting DC to AC with results that outperformed market leading solutions. By 2017, they had discovered that our patented methods could also be applied in AC to DC power electronics used in mains powered and battery charging applications. This made it possible to achieve an unrivalled efficiency profile, extend the range of conventional flyback designs and offer a host of additional features and benefits.

Pulsiv are constantly evolving our technology roadmap to deliver solutions that enable engineers to develop the next generation of module-level power electronics for the solar market and power electronics designs for mains powered applications. Pulsiv is committed to helping the world move towards 100% renewable energy and reducing the impact that electronic devices have on the environment.

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