Twinax Cables by 3M

3M's range of flat, foldable and longitudinally shielded high performace twin axial cables provide low profile, high speed and high signal density solutions while improving airflow and space saving in Data Centre environments.
  • High-Performance Flexibility and Value
  • Light weight, low profile, ultra tight bend radius
  • Save space and improve airflow while performance at incredibly high speeds

Internal Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

  • High-Routability Internal MiniSAS & MiniSAS HD
  • High-Routability miniSAS to SATA Fanout Cable
  • PCI Express X4, X8, X16 Extender Assemblies
  • Cable Assembly for PCI Express x4, x8, x16 Jumper Applications
  • Internal MiniSAS HD to Internal miniSAS




External Twin Axial Cable Assemblies


  • Cable Assemblies for SFP+ Applications
  • High-Routability External MiniSAS
  • Twin Axial Cable Assembly for QSFP+ FDR Applications
  • QSFP+‚ 40 Gbps‚ SFF-8436 Compliant
  • SFP+‚ 10 Gbps‚ SFF-8431 Compliant




Bulk Twin Axial


  • Ribbon Twin Axial Cable
  • Jacketed Twin Axial Cable