Microcontrollers designed for Audio and Robotics - Authorised XMOS Distributors

XMOS is a fabless semiconductor company, who set out to make it easier for you to design your complex embedded systems and developed xCORE which is different from other microcontrollers. xCORE is a multicore microcontroller that delivers scalable, parallel multitasking compute. It can be configured to support a wide range of interfaces and peripherals, and responds much faster than conventional microcontrollers to deliver precise real-time performance. Their xCORE processor is suitable for a wide range of demanding embedded applications and is being used today by a rapidly expanding set of customers in consumer, audio, industrial and automotive applications.


xCORE-200 Microcontrollers

xCORE-200 is XMOS's flagship range of products, offering up to 32 logical cores and 4000MIPS processing power. With industry-leading price-performance ratios, xCORE-200 brings multicore compute capabilities to an even broader range of established and emerging applications including high-volume consumer audio and AV devices, consumer and service robotics, Gigabit Ethernet-equipped protocol bridges and time-sensitive networking equipment.



xCORE Audio Processors

XMOS's xCORE Audio processors deliver high resolution audio connectivity, with dedicated audio processing and audio specific I/O, and class-leading USB Audio Class 2.0 endpoints. Built on the performance leading xCORE-200 multicore microcontroller technology, the processors meet the demands of both high-resolution consumer audio and complex multichannel professional audio applications.



XMOS Development Boards

XMOS provide a range of Audio, Ethernet AVB, Connectivity and Robotic Boards which are designed to work with the xCORE-200 or XS1 devices.

  • xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT
  • xCORE-200 Multichannel Audio Platform