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xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT

xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT contains everything you need to start developing applications on the powerful xCORE-200 multicore microcontroller products from XMOS. It's easy to use and provides lots of advanced features on a small, low cost platform.

The xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT features our XE216-512 xCORE-200 multicore microcontroller. This device has sixteen 32bit logical cores that deliver up to 2000MIPS completely deterministically. The combination of 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, high speed USB and 53 high performance GPIO make the xCORE-200 eXplorerKIT an ideal platform for functions ranging from robotics and motion control to networking and digital audio.

  • XE216-512-TQ128 device
  • 16 logical cores, up to 2000MIPS 512KB SRAM
  • High speed USB interface
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • 53 high speed GPIO
  • 3D Accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Six servo interfaces
  • Powered from USB micro-B connectors
  • Includes xTAG debug adaptor


Multichannel Audio Platform

The xCORE-200 Multichannel Audio Platform is a complete hardware and reference software platform targeted at up to 32-channel USB and networked audio applications, such as DJ decks and mixers.

The Multichannel Audio Platform hardware is based around the XE216-512-TQ128 multicore microcontroller; an xCORE-200 device with an integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY and 16 logical cores delivering up to 2000MIPS of deterministic and responsive processing power.

Audio Connectivity Features

  • Up to 32 channel processing
  • 8-channel analog input and output
  • S/PDIF optical/coaxial optical input and output
  • MIDI input and output

High-Speed USB device

  • Optional Full-Speed fall-back
  • USB Audio Class 2.0 device; Optional Audio Class 1.0 fall-back
  • Self- or bus-powered
  • Bit perfect USB audio transfer
  • Asynchronous Isochronous to/from USB host
  • PCM ≤384kHz at 16, 24 or 32bits
  • Local crystal low-jitter audio clocking
  • Multiple OS USB support
  • Windows, Mac OSX, Android

Networked audio features

  • 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet connectivity
  • Simultaneous talker & listener
  • AVB standards compliant
  • Time synchronization: 802.1AS
  • Traffic shaping: 802.1Qav
  • Bandwidth reservation: 802.1Qat
  • Media transport: IEEE 1722
  • Discovery and management: 1722.1
  • Bit perfect network audio transfer
  • PLL recovery of AVB clock