Thinfilm NFC Tags

Thin Film

Thin Film Electronics ASA ("Thinfilm") produces rewriteable non-volatile memories based on ferroelectric polymers using roll-to-roll printing. Thin Film makes electronics through a fundamentally new process, printing rather than semiconductor fabrication. This novel process gives us a cost-per-function advantage unmatched by any other electronic technology, that introduces intelligence to applications that have never been practical before.

Thin Film/Kovio NFC Barcode

A revolutionary wireless tag, based on printed silicon technology

This technology enables item-level interaction between consumers and brands. The NFC Barcode paves the way for item-level intelligence. Combined with the ENCORE platform, this comprehensive hardware and software solution affordably connects physical objects to the online world.

Key Features

  • 13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF) operation
  • Passive tag – requires no battery
  • 128 bits Read Only Memory (roadmap to 256 bits)
  • Adheres to subset of ISO 14443 Type A RFID standard
  • Supports popular data structures such as 96-bit GS1 EPC (Electronic Product Code)
  • 256 bits product supports NFC Forum NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF)
  • 106 Kbit/sec data transfer, Manchester bit encoding and OOK load modulation at 847 kHz
  • 16-bit CRC for data integrity and verification
  • Streamlined Tag-Talks-First (TTF) protocol for speed and efficiency
  • Tag memory is factory programmed at Kovio. Tag data cannot be electrically modified


Application Areas

  • Wireless Tags (Silicon Technology)
  • Item-level Interaction
  • Item-level Intelligence