SAS/SATA I/O Controllers by Microsemi

Microsemi's SAS and SATA data center and storage infrastructure I/O products enable OEMs and ODMs to design cost-effective customized server or storage hardware.

  • PM8001 SPC 8x6G
  • PM8006 16x6G SATA
  • PM8008 SPCv 8x6G
  • PM8009 SPCve 8x6G
  • PM8018 SPCv16x6G
  • PM8019 SPCve 16x6G
  • PM8070 SPCv 8x12G
  • PM8071 SPCve 8x12G
  • PM8072 SPCv 16x12G
  • PM8073 SPCve 16x12G
  • PM8074 SSC 8x12G SAS
  • PM8076 SSC 16x12G SAS
  • StorClad