MileGate 2200
MileGate 2200

MileGate 2200

Manufacturer: DZS

Datasheet: MileGate 2200

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Product Detail

MileGate 2200 is the ideal solution for the expansion of broadband services in low density areas. It offers up to 192 ADSL2plus, 144 VDSL2 (96 with vectoring) or 72 GbE ports. With MileGate 2200 modern services like VoIP, broadband Internet, VoD and IPTV via xDSL can be provided at access points with only a small number of customers. MileGate 2200 provides ultra high-speed bandwidth connections with up to 1,000 Mbps via electrical interfaces or optical fibre.

MileGate 2200 is designed for the operation in street cabinets. With its height of 94.8 mm (with horizontal mounting) it can be used for installations where space is limited. MileGate 2200, equipped with optical or electrical GbE, is also ideal for FTTH/ FTTB applications. Up to 3 line cards can be installed in addition to the core unit. MileGate 2200 uses the same line cards with access to the GbE star as in MileGate 2510 or 2310. It can be DC powered or AC powered with an integrated optional module offering redundant dual power DC supply input.

MileGate 2200

Mini-DSLAM subrack for the cost-effective access in low density areas

MileGate 2200
MileGate 2200

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Technical Specification

Product Highlights:
  • 2.2 HU subrack for the installation of up to 3 line cards, providing ADSL2plus, VDSL2, or GbE connections
  • Up to 144 VDSL2 connections for FTTC installations with a small footprint
  • Up to 72 optical GbE interfaces for FTTH/FTTB
  • Completely integrated in the system concept of MileGate, identical line cards as in MileGate 2510 or 2310
  • Designed for the operation in street cabinets
  • All functions from one network management system




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