Mobile Fronthaul Gateway

Mobile Fronthaul Gateway

Manufacturer: DZS

Datasheet: C1216RO

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Product Detail

The C1216RO is a high-performance outside plant Ethernet switch that has been optimized for eCPRI fronthaul transport and CPRI-to-eCPRI conversion. The C1216RO supports the high bandwidth, low latency, and synchronization requirements of 5G fronthaul and midhaul networks in a unique outside plant IP65 configuration.

The C1216RO provides 9x10GbE (SFP+)/25GE (SFP28) access Ethernet ports, and 2x25/50G (SFP28/DSFP28), and 2x100G (QSFP28) access or line Ethernet ports. Additionally, the C1216RO has 3x10GbE CPRI ports with an internal gateway function to convert CPRI into packetized eCPRI for termination at a packet-based DU.

Mobile Fronthaul Gateway
C1216RO is an outdoor type TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) switch which is capable of accommodating 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi services simultaneously on a single platform.

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Technical Specification

Product Highlights:
  • Outside plant high-capacity Ethernet switch
  • CPRI fronthaul gateway
  • Network Interfaces:
    • 9 ports of 10/25GE (SFP+/SFP28)
    • 2 ports of 25/50GE (SFP28/DSFP28)
    • 2 ports of 100GBase-R(QSFP28)
    • 3 ports of CPRI (SFP+)
  • IP65 rated, no fans
  • Time-sensitive networking features
  • High capacity, very low latency
  • Operates as Timing Grand Master with integrated GNSS Receiver




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