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Netris is an automatic netops software for operating physical networks like a cloud. Netris automatically configures switching, routing, load-balancing, and network security based on user-defined services and policies. Netris continuously monitors the health of the network and either applies software remediation or informs you of necessary actions if human intervention is required. Netris abstracts away complexities of detailed network configuration, letting you perform efficiently by operating your physical network like a cloud – and not box by box.

Why choose EPS Global?

EPS Global sits at the center of the open networking ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments.

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"With Netris, you get the same intuitive way of managing your networks to satisfy the needs of your applications as you’re used to in the cloud. You should only worry about how your application services are interconnected. Worrying about the implementation detail is Netris’s responsibility.

Netris is the new automatic netops platform that turns your physical network into service. It uses application service metadata, simple rules, and an understanding of the organizational structure to satisfy your application’s connectivity needs. Netris ensures that your application can communicate by continuous monitoring and analysis, and remediating any of the anomalies that might arise, resulting in up to 90% reduction in ops time, and reducing ops costs by up to 80%."

Netris Benefits

Cloud Repatriation

Run all - or part - of your workloads on your private cloud. Choose the right balance for your business. Let handle the network.

Edge Processing

Do heavy data processing closest to the source: in your private environment, on-prem, or at a hosting facility. handles the rest.

Private Kubernetes

Get the cloud Kubernetes experience on-prem. Netris follows events through Kubernetes API integration and manages the network for you.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Let Netris run your physical network for the private portion of your hybrid cloud. Cloud-like GUI/API + CLI for the networking stack of your private cloud.

The EPS Advantage

Source your entire network solution, including software, in one place, and save yourself time and money.

Global Reach
Global Reach. Local Presence

We have offices in 28 cities in 16 countries - giving you access to a global supply supported by a local team. Local language & currency support in each region.

Stock Availability
Stock Availability

EPS Global stocks all the hardware you need: switches, optics, and cables in our regional distribution hubs worldwide, allowing us to minimize lead and transit times for our customers.

Presales Support Team

Our engineers offer pre-sales technical advice, connecting you with the right software vendor for your application, and will configure the hardware, supporting you through your implementation to ensure it is a success.

Authorized Distribution

Peace of mind. EPS Global has franchised distribution agreements with its suppliers, ensuring traceability, genuine products, and the best tech support. Need something else? We can source products for you.

Netris Use Cases

Netris's Network Operating System is best suited to the following applications:

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