Tunable DBR lasers

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Product Highlights :
  • Full C-band tuning (up to 100 channels at 50 GHz spacing)
  • High, flexibly adjustable output power, from 9 to 13 dBm
  • Low power dissipation, typically <2.2 W at 75°C
  • High side-mode suppression ratio > 40 dB
  • Dark tuning by reverse biasing the integrated optical amplifier
CW Tunable Laser - Butterfly Package
The Finisar S7500 tunable laser incorporates a monolithic InP chip that integrates a tunable MG-Y laser with a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA).
II-VI | Finisar
https://www.epsglobal.com/getmetafile/38c38d6f-96fa-4ba8-9fe1-f446f11e2e1a/II-VI | Finisar

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