8.5 Gbps 4 x 4 Asynchronous Crosspoint Switch

8.5 Gbps 4 x 4 Asynchronous Crosspoint Switch

Manufacturer: Microchip

Datasheet: VSC3303

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The VSC3303 is a low-cost, low-power asynchronous crosspoint switch capable of data rates up to 8.5G. The VSC3303 finds purpose not only as a switch, but also as a buffer that simplifies the design of high-speed signal paths by providing signal equalization at both inputs and outputs to reduce or reverse signal degradation due to transmission line effects. The VSC3303 has a total of eight ports. Four ports are inputs, and four ports are outputs. Featuring programmable input signal equalization and output pre-emphasis (each with multiple time constants), the VSC3303 is also ideal for countering signal degradation over a wide variety of transmission media types and lengths. Typical power consumption for the device is 200 mW per active channel, and unused channels may be deactivated to save the power associated with those ports. Further power savings can be realized by setting the output level settings to the minimum effective value for a specific application. The VSC3303 has a loss of signal (LOS) detector on every input port with programmable thresholds. The LOS status can be directed to either of two status registers. The LOS signal is also switched to each connected output monitored through the high-speed switching core. Out of band (OOB) signal forwarding can be enabled for each of the outputs, which causes the outputs to be squelched in response to an LOS detect at the corresponding input, thereby propagating an OOB envelope through the switch. Programming of the VSC3303 is performed through a two-wire or a four-wire serial interface. The two-wire serial interface address can be hardwired using the three address pins or a proprietary two-wire serial interface that allows for address selection after power-up. Functions such as ResetB and Status states are accessible using the registers to ensure maximum flexibility.

8.5 Gbps 4 x 4 Asynchronous Crosspoint Switch
The VSC3303 is a low-cost, low-power asynchronous crosspoint switch capable of data rates up to 8.

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