12-Channel Multirate Adaptive Channel Extender

12-Channel Multirate Adaptive Channel Extender

Manufacturer: Microchip

Datasheet: VSC7227

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The VSC7227 devices are 12-channel unidirectional adaptive channel extenders with CDR. They incorporate analog and digital equalization, clock and data recovery, and output de-emphasis. VSC7227 supports data rates up to 14.5G. VSC7227-01 supports data rates up to 11.5G. Both devices are ideal for applications such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), as well as other protocols. The VSC7227 devices are simple-to-use copper media receivers and drivers that provide electrical compensation to cable, copper, and backplane environments to increase system margin and media driving distances. They equalize greater than 40 inches of FR-4 at 10G and greater than 10 m of 24AWG of copper direct-attached cable at 10G. The VSC7227 devices can be used either on their own or with an external microcontroller to control, monitor, and enhance system performance. The VSC7227 devices feature Microsemi’s proprietary FlexEQ™ technology to equalize deteriorated input signals while dissipating the lowest possible power. A low-cost 25 MHz crystal, along with on-chip frequency synthesizers, allows for CDR operation at any data rate. Its three-tap FIR output driver architecture enables up to 18 dB of de-emphasis. The VSC7227 devices include Microsemi’s patented VScope input signal monitoring integrated circuit signal monitoring and waveform viewing technology.

12-Channel Multirate Adaptive Channel Extender
The VSC7227 devices are 12-channel unidirectional adaptive channel extenders with CDR.

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Technical Details:
  • World-class adaptive equalization
  • Up to 15.5 Gbps operation for Ethernet (1G to 10G), Fibre Channel (2G/4G/8G/16G), Infiniband (DDR, QDR, FDR), CPRI (1G to 10G), and many other standard and proprietary protocols.
  • Up to 30dB equalization and 18 dB programmable output de-emphasis
  • Built-in VScope and BIST




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