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Two-lane PCI Express 3.0 Redriver with Adaptive EQ

Two-lane PCI Express 3.0 Redriver with Adaptive EQ

Manufacturer: Microchip

Datasheet: VSC7112

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"Microsemi's PCIe redriver delivers excellent performance with flexible lane configuration for Gen 1/2/3 applications in a very small footprint.VSC7112 is a high-performance, two-lane (quad-channel) asynchronous buffer that simplifies high-speed signal path designs (up to 8.5 Gbps) by providing Microsemi’s industry-proven adaptive input equalization and output pre-emphasis. The device optimizes energy efficiency with innovative Green modes that reduce power consumption at lower data rates. Additional power savings can be achieved by deactivating unused channels and configuring the best output level settings for an application.The VSC7112 device offers programmable, static, and adaptive equalization settings to provide a comprehensive solution for countering signal degradation over a wide variety of transmission cabling and interconnect paths. The small package and two-lane configuration make the device an excellent fit for a wide variety of PCIe server applications challenged with long traces, cables and connectors, as well as NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs)."

Two-lane PCI Express 3.0 Redriver with Adaptive EQ

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Microchip Technology Inc. develops and manufactures semiconductor products for various embedded control applications worldwide. Its portfolio comprises 8- and 16-bit pic microcontrollers and 16-bit dspic digital signal controllers, which feature onboard flash (reprogrammable) memory technology; and linear, mixed-signal, power management, thermal management, battery management, and interface devices.

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