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MP110 900V Offline Switching Regulator

MP110 900V Offline Switching Regulator

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The MP110 is a flyback regulator with an integrated 900V MOSFET.

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The MP110 is a flyback regulator with an integrated 900V MOSFET. Requiring a minimum number of external components, the MP110 provides excellent power regulation in AC-DC applications that require high reliability. These applications include smart meters, large appliances, industrial controls and products powered by unstable AC grids. The regulator uses peak current mode control to provide excellent transient response and easy loop compensation. When the output power falls below a given level, the regulator enters burst mode to lower the stand-by power consumption. The MPS proprietary 900V monolithic process enables an over temperature protection (OTP) that is on the same silicon of the 900V power FET, offering the most precise thermal protection. It also offers a full suite of protection features such as VCC under-voltage lockout, over-load protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection The MP110 is designed to minimize electromagnetic interference for wireless communication in home and building automation applications. The operating frequency is externally programmed with a single resistor so that the power supply? radiated energy can be designed to avoid the interference to wireless communication. In addition to the programmable frequency, the MP110 employs a frequency jittering function that not only greatly reduces the noise level, but also reduces the cost of EMI filter. The MP110 is available in the PDIP8-7EP package

MP110 900V Offline Switching Regulator
The MP110 is a flyback regulator with an integrated 900V MOSFET.
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Technical Specification

fsw (max) (kHz):
Vac (min) (V):
Vac (max) (V):
Control Method:
Fixed Frequency
Vbr (V):
VCC (max) (V):
Typical Pmax (W):

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