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MP9488 450V, 300mA, Wide Input, Step-Down Regulator

MP9488 450V, 300mA, Wide Input, Step-Down Regulator

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The MP9488 is a 7.

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The MP9488 is a 7.5V to 450V, wide input, 300mA, step-down converter. The MP9488 is typically used in buck topology, but it can also support buck boost, boost, and flyback topology applications, even if the power supply range is very wide. The MP9488 employs peak-current and variable-off-time control modes to regulate the output voltage. It integrates a high-voltage start-up circuit and one 500V MOSFET. The very simple structure helps achieve low cost and high input voltage. In light-load condition, the MP9488 peak current and switching frequency decrease as the load decreases, achieving high efficiency. This makes the MP9488 ideal for scooters, E-bikes, and other civil applications.Full protection features include thermal shutdown, VCC under-voltage lockout (UVLO), overload protection (OLP), short-circuit protection (SCP), and open-loop protection.The MP9488 is available in a SOIC-8 package.

Pricing Table

Technical Specification

Vin (min) (V):
Vin (max) (V):
Iout (max) (A):
Switching Regulators
fsw (max) (kHz):
Vfb (typ) (V):
Common Features:
Light-Load Efficiency
Control Mode:

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