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Datasheet: PAC7088J1

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Product Detail

The PAC7088J1 is a single-axis distance measurement module created by Pixart, designed for object motion sensing. It features a wide view angle of 100 degrees and a sensing distance of 200mm with a 10% tolerance. The module integrates a laser diode, a processor-embedded image sensor, and FLASH memory for firmware customization. It can output raw distance data and report object information, including size, depth, and surrounding feature detection. The device supports I2C or SPI interfaces and can handle up to 4 slave IDs for I2C. It operates on a 5V power supply with 3.3V I2C communication and consumes 25mA.

PAC7088J1 by Pixart: Single-axis distance measurement module with 100° view angle, 200mm sensing distance, I2C/SPI interfaces, and integrated laser diode.

Features & Benefits

  • A single-axis distance measurement module with a wide view angle
  • Fast response in distance detection
  • Integrated with a laser diode, a processor-embedded image sensor, and a FLASH memory that supports firmware customization
  • Ability to synchronously output raw distance data and report information about the object, including size, depth, and the Surrounding Feature Detection result
  • Provides the flexibility to select between I2C or SPI interfaces
  • With 4 slave IDs for I2C to support multiple devices at the same time

Technical Specifications

View Angle100°
Sensing Distance200mm, with 10% tolerance
Report Rate (Hz)60
Distance Resolution320P/100°
Surrounding Feature DetetionCliff/Step/Overhang
Supply Voltage5V power supply, 3.3V I2C communication
Power Consumption (mA)25
Direction of Light Plane AxisVertical



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