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PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)
PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)

PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)

Manufacturer: Pixart

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Product Detail

The PAG7645J1 and PAG7660QN sensors by Pixart are designed for object motion sensing and gesture recognition in automotive applications. These sensors comply with AEC-Q100 automotive standards and offer a complete Multi-Object Gesture Recognition ISP SoC solution. They generate real-time data output for finger/palm position, size, and brightness, and produce hand contour output instead of the entire hand image. The sensors support an operating distance of up to 40cm. Technical specifications include a sensor module size of 6*13.2*3.8 mm, an ISP SoC size of 6*6 mm, a sensor array of 320*240 pixels, and a report rate of 90 Hz.

PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)
Pixart's PAG7645J1 and PAG7660QN sensors enable gesture recognition and motion sensing in automotive applications, supporting up to 40cm distance and AEC-Q100 compliance.
PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)
PAG7645J1 + PAG7660QN (Automotive Grade)

Features & Benefits

  • Compliant with AEC-Q100 automotive standards
  • The complete Multi-Object Gesture Recognition ISP SoC solution
  • Generate real-time data output for the finger/palm position, size and brightness of the hand
  • Produce hand contour output instead of the entire hand image
  • Support operating distance up to 40cm

Technical Specifications

TypeSensor Module + ISP SoC
FunctionMulti-Object Gesture
Package Size (mm)Sensor Module: 6*13.2*3.8 / ISP SoC: QFN 6*6
Sensor Array (pixel)320*240
Report Rate (Hz)90
Max. Distance (cm)40
Supported Gestures (No. of Types)Over 20
Cursor ModeYes
FSYNC FunctionNo
Operate in DarkYes
Thickness Tolerance of Cover (mm)1.8 (ref. design)
InterfaceSensor: H-Parallel; ISP SoC: I2C/SPI/USB1.1
AEC-Q100 CompliantNo



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