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  • Advanced optical design with blue LED to minimize skin penetration
  • Outstanding tracking performance on curvature or soft surfaces
  • Wide working range of 8.8mm~16.8mm
  • Fast tracking speed of up to 25cm/s
  • With programmable low-power mode that lengthens battery life

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The PAT9400LU-MB11 is an advanced optical tracking sensor from Pixart, designed with a blue LED to minimize skin penetration. This sensor offers outstanding tracking performance on curved or soft surfaces, making it ideal for skin surface-tracking applications such as beauty apparatus, IPL therapy equipment, and skin treatment devices. It boasts a wide working range of 8.8mm to 16.8mm and a fast tracking speed of up to 25cm/s. The sensor also features a programmable low-power mode to extend battery life. It comes in a QFN 28-pin package with a size of 6.0*6.0*1.45mm. The supply voltage ranges from VDDM: 2.5~3.6; VDDIO: 1.62~3.6. It operates with a typical current of 2.5mA and a sleep current of 420 / 90µA. The sensor interfaces with I2C, 4-wire SPI and has a tracking speed of up to 30ips. It requires 2pcs capacitors as peripheral components and offers a resolution of 200~2000cpi. The sensor supports single/double click finger touch function and operates in 2/4/8/ free direction. It also features adaptive resolution but does not support capacitive touch detection.

Pricing Table

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