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ZL40218 Precision 1:8 LVDS Fanout Buffer

ZL40218 Precision 1:8 LVDS Fanout Buffer

Manufacturer: Microchip

Datasheet: ZL40218

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The ZL40218/ZL40219 are LVDS clock fanout buffers with eight identical output clock drivers capable of operating at frequencies up to 750MHz. Inputs to the ZL40218 are externally terminated to allow use of precision termination components and to allow full flexibility of input termination. The ZL40218 can accept DC or AC coupled LVPECL, LVDS, CML or HCSL input signals; single ended input signals can also be accepted. The ZL40219 provides an internal input termination network for DC and AC coupled inputs; optional input biasing for AC coupled inputs is also provided. The ZL40219 can accept DC or AC coupled LVPECL and LVDS input signals, AC coupled CML or HCSL input signals, and single ended signals. The ZL40218/ ZL40219 are designed to fanout low-jitter reference clocks for wired or optical communications applications while adding minimal jitter to the clock signal. An internal linear power supply regulator and bulk capacitors minimize additive jitter due to power supply noise. The device operates from 2.5V+/-5% or 3.3V+/-5% supply. Its operation is guaranteed over the industrial temperature range -40°C to +85°C.

ZL40218 Precision 1:8 LVDS Fanout Buffer

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