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We have selected leading edge semiconductor manufacturers whose products are pioneering in their fields, allowing you to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Strong on technical competence, we offer pre-sales guidance from our FAEs, and technical support from an electronics design team experienced in IoT, FPGA, SoC, Ethernet, and Power Mangagement applications. Our global team can support you during the design-in phase, through development and manufacturing to bring your product to market.







MPS - Monolithic Power Supply

Pixart Imaging



Collaborating on the Raspberry Pi 400

The revolutionary product was four years in the making, according to Simon Martin, Senior Principal Engineer at Raspberry Pi. EPS Global supported and collaborated with Raspberry Pi on its design, engineering and development, designing-in semiconductor components.

Raspberry Pi 400In his article discussing the technical challenges Simon thanked Dave Lenton from EPS Global’s European Semiconductor Team for his help with this project.

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Next-Generation Switchtec™ Gen 5.0 PCIe® Switches

EPS Global are a franchised distributor of Microchip and support a range of customers from concept stage to production with Microchip PCIe Switch designs. Switchtec Gen 5.0 PCIe high performance switches deliver ultra-low system latency and advanced diagnostics enabling rapid development of next-generation 32 GT/s architectures. If you require technical support for any Microchip products our specialised FAE team are here to help you.

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Demonstration of Pixart's Optical Tracking Sensors

Cleaning robots, service robots, autonomous guided vehicle and other automated movable devices all rely heavily on tracking sensors for their route mapping and positioning processes. With the presence of PixArt's quality Optical Tracking Sensor that continuously return accurate path tracking and planning results, the performance of the devices can be significantly enhanced.

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Pyreos Gas Sensors Demonstration

This video demonstrates the working of the Pyreos ezPyro Gas Sensors via the Pyreos Demo Kit and application. In this video the sensor is shown detecting Carbon Dioxide.

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Secure by Design: Identity, Provisioning and Automation is the Key to IoT

In this webinar, EPS along with Device Authority and Intrinsic ID discussed IoT device security including operational security management, zero touch provisioning, and automated device quarantining.

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PCIe Switches

Switchtec™ Gen 4 PCIe switches, enable customers to build next-generation high performance, low latency interconnect solutions in high growth markets including machine learning, data center servers and storage equipment.

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Designed for the board and system level, Microsemi’s SoC FPGAs and low-power FPGAs provide unique, flash-based technology ideal for applications including: consumer and portable medical devices, data centers, industrial controls, and military and commercial aircraft.

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DC-DC / AC-DC Power Conversion and mEZ Power Modules designed for applications including automotive, computing, consumer electronics and industrial.

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Ethernet & PoE

Microsemi’s Ethernet solutions portfolio which includes switches, PHYs, PoE, signal integrity, and timing and synchronization solutions—provides optimized, high-feature architectures for low-power, reliability, and scalability. Microsemi also offers indoor and outdoor PoE midspans/injectors, grandmasters, and network time servers.

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Sensing & Haptics

Pixart's Sensing and Haptics solutions include Optical Navigation, Optical Finger Navigation, CMOS Image Sensors, Gesture Recognition Multi-Object Tracking, and Optical Motion Tracking, designed for applications including surveillance and automotive camera, set top boxes, medical, wearables and personal health monitoring systems.

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For the ultimate in data center storage systems flexibility, Microsemi’s smart storage solutions deliver a wide range of media connectivity platforms, such as 12G SAS, multilink SAS for high density and large topology storage systems; PCIe and NVMe for low latency NVMe storage systems; as well as Ethernet for key/value Kinetic or object-based storage systems.

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Gas & Flame Sensors

Built in world class foundries, Pyreos's thin-film sensor components detect and analyse composition in gas, flame, food safety and oil applications. They enable the creation of smaller, higher-performance IR sensors, sensor modules and analysers which are easier to develop and need less calibration.

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Timing & Synchronisation

Microsemi is the world's leading source of timing and synchronization solutions, keeping networks, operations and applications running smoothly acorss all industries including CE & Enterprise Access,Communications, Converged Access Network, Defense, Industrial, Motor Control and Smart Energy, amongst others.

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Motor Drivers

MPS's range of Motor Drivers and Position Sensors benefit from integrated designs with proprietary packaging technology. Their proprietary DMOS technology results in superior thermal performance and their revolutionary speed and position sensing enables high-precision control. Designed for applications including Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Motor Commutation, Robotics and Servers.

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