Flashtec NVRAM Drives

The Microsemi Flashtec NVRAM Drive family is a PCI-Express® NVRAM solution based on the most advanced NVMe controller on the market. This family provides a new level of performance to the memory/storage hierarchy, ushering Storage System OEMs, Cloud Applications and Service Providers to the era of Storage Class Memory.

Cloud-Scale Performance & Availability

While solid-state drive (SSD) solutions continue to replace traditional HDDs in the performance tier of the storage hierarchy, a significant performance gap remains between the memory and storage tiers in terms of latency, endurance and high availability. As application demands continue to increase at an ever-growing pace to keep up with the growth rate of cloud services, relying on volatile memory to achieve desired performance leaves applications vulnerable to data loss in the event of a system failure.
There is a need for a new tier of memory that would provide mission critical applications the necessary safety net for their data, while keeping pace with the application requirements for performance without compromising data protection, reliability and availability. The Flashtec NVRAM Drive family of products serves exactly that need, and with greater than 10 million IOPS and up to 16GB of Memory per card, it can address the needs of the most demanding applications.


Establishes New Storage Tier with Superior Performance

  • Non-volatile DRAM- like performance, NAND persistence
  • Over 10 million IOPS
  • Sub-microsecond Latency

Faster Time to Market & Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Industry-standard interfaces
  • Application friendly for ease of integration
  • Zero maintenance green backup

Enterprise Class for Mission Critical Data Center Applications

  • Uncompromising quality and reliability
  • Unlimited endurance NVRAM
  • Small form factor for high-density rack solutions


  • Write Cache for Low-Latency Response Time
  • 64bit Addressable Persistent Metadata Memory Region
  • Persistent Shared Memory for Scale-Out Clustered Systems
  • High Performance Journaling or Write Ahead Logging
  • Persistent Cache for Fast Cache Rebuild
  • Performance Tier de-staging to Sequential-Access Capacity Tier