S9320-32ED - 800G Data Center Switch

S9320-32ED - 800G Data Center Switch

Manufacturer: ufiSpace

Datasheet: S9320-32ED

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Product Detail

The S9320-32ED 800G Data Center Switch is engineered for next-generation data centers, delivering unparalleled performance and flexibility. Featuring 8x 800GE and 24x 400GE QSFP-DD ports, this switch is designed to meet the demands of high-performance computing environments. With hot-swappable fans and power supplies, it ensures maximum uptime and reliability.

Powered by Icelake-D 8 Cores and Trident 5 Silicon, the S9320-32ED boasts a service capacity of 16 Tbps, making it a powerhouse for data-intensive applications. The switch includes a 10G SFP+ management port for streamlined network management.

Key features include NetGNT (Networking General-purpose Neural-network Traffic-analyzer) for optimized AI/ML traffic control, advanced load balancing and congestion control mechanisms like Dynamic Load Balancing, Latency-Based ECN marking, and Elephant Flow detection/re-prioritization. Its programmable pipeline allows for flexible and efficient data processing, enabling new packet processing use cases.

In-band telemetry provides packet-level telemetry with microsecond granularity, offering real-time network status visibility. This makes the S9320-32ED ideal for leaf or ToR switch applications, connecting to 400G or 200G NIC cards to enable high-performance computing. Its feature set is optimized for AI/ML workloads, providing enhanced capabilities for telemetry, security, and traffic engineering.

S9320-32ED - 800G Data Center Switch
The S9320-32ED 800G Data Center Switch offers 8x 800GE & 24x 400GE ports, advanced AI/ML traffic control, and 16 Tbps capacity, ideal for high-performance computing.

Features & Benefits

  • Hardware-based encapsulation
  • - Includes Multiprotocol Label Switching(MPLS), and generic routing encapsulation(GRE)
  • Enhanced buffering and traffic management
  • - Priority-based flow Control (PFC) and Enhanced Transmission Selection(ETS)
  • Unmatched power efficiency
  • - TH5 is implemented as a monolithic 5nm die
  • Hardware-based link failover
  • - Improves network resiliency and reduced JCT
  • Advanced adaptive routing and end-to-end congestion control capabilities
  • - Designed to handle the large, low entropy flows typical of AI/ML workloads

Technical Specifications

Hot-SwappableFAN and PSUs
Management Port10G SFP+
Ports8x 800GE and 24x 400GE QSFP-DD
CPUIcelake-D 8 Cores
SiliconTrident 5
Service Capacity16 Tbps



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