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25G SFP+ Active Optical Cable with Connectivity Diagnostics
Coherent | Finisar

25G SFP+ Active Optical Cable with Connectivity Diagnostics

Manufacturer: Coherent | Finisar

Datasheet: FCCG125SD1Cxx

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Finisar's SFPwire AOC is a family of next-generation active optical cables specifically for use between SFP+ ports. Based on Finisar's vertically integrated VCSEL array technology and designed with SFP+ connectors, the SFPwire AOC is lighter and more flexible than comparable copper SFP+ direct attach cables (DACs). The primary application is inter-rack and intra-rack connections within a data center environment. The FCCG125SD1Cxx features Finisar's Connectivity Diagnostics suite of tools, which helps data center technicians quickly and intuitively find specific modules in a sea of sockets using a visual indicator. LynkFind™ allows an operator to light up the pull-tab of the module at the far-end of a link by pressing the pull-tab of the near-end module. LynkGuardian™ lights up the modules at both ends of a link when either module experiences a fault. LynkCommander™ allows a network operations center to light up a module for easy identification on the data center floor. Together, these patented tools bring the intelligence normally available through data center monitoring software to a simple and intuitive visual indicator. The benefits to the data center operator enable faster installation and maintenance, easier troubleshooting, and simplified operations.

25G SFP+ Active Optical Cable with Connectivity Diagnostics
SFPwire 25G Ethernet SFP+ Active Optical Cable with Connectivity Diagnostics
Coherent | Finisar

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Coherent | Finisar

Finisar is now Coherent. Finisar is a global technology leader in optical communications. Their world-class products enable high-speed voice, video and data communications for networking, storage, wireless, and cable TV applications. For 30 years, Finisar have created critical breakthroughs in optics technology and supplied system manufacturers with the production volumes needed to meet the exploding demand for network bandwidth.

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