Unboxing Open Networking - The Hardware Within
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Broadcast on: 28th April 2020

There's many benefits of Open Networking: reduced network equipment expenses, greater and enhanced network services, automated and accelerated provisioning, no vendor lock-in, and reduced operating expenses. But what does the infrastructure actually look like under the hood?

Watch as we take an in-depth look at the hardware that forms the fabric of open networks.

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Unboxing Open Networking - The Hardware Within Webinar

The Moderator

Barry McGinley
Systems Engineer, EPS Global

Barry's broad knowledge of Open Networking encompasses the Hardware and Software required to optimise your organization's performance. You can preview some of his previous discussions surrounding Open Networking in his monthly blog.

This Webinar

The growth of cloud computing and the IoT, along with the rise of open-source technologies and communities, is transforming how IT is developed, delivered, and used by businesses and consumers. Public and private cloud data centers of all sizes are being deployed with a network fabric built from open leaf and spine switches, with open software platforms on top that allow them to unlock the benefits of open networking: increased choice, freedom and control, plus a lowered TCO.

Unboxing Open Networking Agenda

  • Unboxing Open Disaggregated Networking
  • Who are Edgecore Networks?
  • Evolution of the Hardware
  • Contributions to the OCP
  • The Edgecore Lab
  • Open Communities & Cross Pollination

Bare-Metal Basics Agenda

  • The beginnings of Bare-Metal
  • OCP, ONF, and TIP
  • Bare-Metal, Whitebox and Brite-Box
  • Open Networking Operating Systems Software
  • Use Cases: Datacenter; Carrier; Campus

EPS Global

SDN-based open networking has matured and the open networking ecosystem is robust. EPS Global sits at the center of this ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business.

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