An Exploration of Data Center Network Automation
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Broadcast on: 21st July 2020

Apstra empowers enterprises to dramatically simplify the deployment and operations of networks whilst simultaneously reducing the cost of open networking solutions. Apstra delivers AOS, an automation platform focused on solving modern data center networking challenges, with continuous validation of the design, deployment & operations across many switching hardware and software choices, including Edge-core Networks, SONiC, Arista, Cisco, Cumulus Networks, Juniper, and Open Source offerings.

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An Exploration of Data Center Network Automation Webinar

The Speakers:

Barry McGinley
Systems Engineer, EPS Global

Barry's broad knowledge of Open Networking encompasses the Hardware and Software required to optimise your organization's performance. You can preview some of his previous discussions surrounding Open Networking in his monthly blog.

Mehdi Abdelouahab
Solution Architect, Apstra



This Webinar

What we will cover:

  • An exploration of open networking hardware and software options
  • Where Apstra’s AOS sits in the network architecture
  • How to use Intent-based Networking to simplify the deployment and operational processes
  • How to design and build your network in the software, commit the network, figure out if and where there’s mismatch errors ahead of time and deploy that network
  • Why vendor-agnostic software solutions are required to maximize deployment and operational benefits of open networking
Join us for an Exploration of Data Center Network Automation, the sixth in a series of webinars where our Systems Engineer, Barry McGinley, will walk you through how you can make this network a reality.


EPS Global

Open networking solutions are based on open standard, bare-metal hardware with a choice of open software for Software-Defined Networking, virtualization, and cloud orchestration. It was first adopted by hyperscalers to avail of the centralized network management, CapEx and OpEx savings, but mainstream adoption is accelerating as customer motivations are stronger and the barriers to entry are lower.

EPS Global sits at the center of the open networking ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments.


Apstra® Intent-Based Networking for the Data Center increases application availability and reliability, simplifies deployment and operations, and dramatically reduces costs for Enterprise, Cloud Service Provider, and Telco data centers. Apstra empowers Intent-Based Data Centers through its pioneering Intent-Based Networking, distributed system architecture, and vendor-agnostic overlay.