Automating Distributed Data Centers with Controllerless SDN and Open Networking
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Broadcast on: 3rd Sept 2020

Data center operators, whether xSP or enterprise, typically already manage multiple data centers today. With corporate acquisitions this can increase the number of data centers under management - whether on prem or in colocation facilities. Furthermore, the number of data centers will likely continue to increase as edge compute moves from the investigation and design phase into production. In this webinar we will address how software defined networking (SDN) automation combined with open networking can provide a cost effective and operationally scalable approach to running a multi-site data center network.

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Automating Distributed Data Centers with Controllerless SDN and Open Networking Webinar

The Speakers:

Barry McGinley
Systems Engineer, EPS Global

Barry's broad knowledge of Open Networking encompasses the Hardware and Software required to optimise your organization's performance. You can preview some of his previous discussions surrounding Open Networking in his monthly blog.

 Mike Capuano
Chief Marketing Officer, Pluribus Networks

With over 25 years in networking including Pluribus, Infinera, Cisco and Juniper Networks Mike has broad expertise across SP and enterprise network architectures and technologies including data center, edge, cloud, SDN, NFV, routing, switching and optical transport.  


This Webinar

Join us for Automating Distributed Data Centers with Controllerless SDN and Open Networking, the seventh in our It's Open Networking webinar series where our Systems Engineer, Barry McGinley, help simplify open networking for all.

What you can
expect to learn:

  • How open networking plus an SDN-automated data center fabric can be used to realize data center unification to increase agility while lowering costs.
  • The important difference between traditional controller-based SDN and controllerless SDN and why it matters.
  • Why overlay networks can be powerful allies for data center automation and techniques to radically simplify management and lower costs.
  • Key attributes that you should look for in a multi-site data center solution including slicing/segmentation, telemetry/visibility and multi-tenancy.

EPS Global

Open networking solutions are based on open standard, bare-metal hardware with a choice of open software for Software-Defined Networking, virtualization, and cloud orchestration. It was first adopted by hyperscalers to avail of the centralized network management, CapEx and OpEx savings, but mainstream adoption is accelerating as customer motivations are stronger and the barriers to entry are lower.

EPS Global sits at the center of the open networking ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business. Our engineers can advise you on the best product set to suit your business needs, offering software configuration and bundling of solutions for hassle-free, consolidated shipments.

Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks delivers industry-leading open networking solutions featuring a unique next-generation software-defined networking (SDN) fabric for modern single-site data centers, multi-site data centers and distributed cloud edge compute environments.

Pluribus Networks enables customers to simplify increasingly complex network operations by modernizing, unifying and automating networking across distributed data center environments – inside the data center or at multiple sites across geographically distributed data centers and edge locations.