Pica8’s breakthrough networking technologies are revolutionizing both ease of use and business return for today’s largest enterprise networks. While the value of white box networking in leaf-spine data center architectures is now well established, delivering that value in a form that’s consumable by the rest of the enterprise — campus and branch-office deployments – required Pica8 to develop both a deep L2/L3 enterprise feature set as well as create two new industry-firsts – CrossFlow™ and PicaPilot™.

When combined with their PICOS® NOS, these two capabilities have made Pica8’s disaggregated white box networks the new gold standard for switch stack and chassis switch upgrades and replacements. First, they massively simplified the deployment and management of modern leaf-spine designs by extracting all the complexity from the basic architecture and flattening it to a single layer with their PicaPilot switch orchestration application. No network expansion restrictions, better reliability and performance are also part of the package. They’re basically showing legacy enterprise switch stacks and chassis switches the door.


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