Disaggregated Routers for Internet Peering
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Broadcast on: 11th Nov 2020

Why does disaggregated routing make sense for internet peering? Internet peering is a critical component of every telecom network, connecting its users with the wider world and providing access to global content for all customers on the network. Having reliable hardware, powered by a robust and scalable software Operating System such as ExaNOS is key to ensuring a fully functional internet peering system.

While incumbent network equipment manufacturers insist on you purchasing high-end, expensive routers for peering, the transition to disaggregation offers you a cost-effective alternative, allowing for the use of entry level whitebox routers, with the capability to hold peering traffic at scale.

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The Speakers:

Barry McGinley
Systems Engineer, EPS Global

Barry's broad knowledge of Open Networking encompasses the Hardware and Software required to optimise your organization's performance. You can preview some of his previous discussions surrounding Open Networking in his monthly blog.

 Ben Afshari
VP Sales & Business Development, Exaware

Ben has been working with Communication Service Providers for more than a decade, holding senior Sales and Business Development positions, most recently with Amdocs, where he led the Networking Transformation through NFV Orchestration solutions (ETSI-MANO & ONAP), helping CSPs in EMEA with their cloudification journey to grow their business.
Before joining Amdocs, Ben served as Regional Vice President of Sales at ECI Telecom, where he was instrumental in expanding and growing ECI business in Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea.

 David Zelig
Chief Technology Officer

David joined the company in 2012 and is the CTO since 2016. He has more than 20 years of experience in the computer and data communication industry. David was a senior system architect at Orckit/Corrigent,  developing DSL and Metro systems massively deployed in Japan. He also served as product manager at Oversi Networks and later at PMC-Sierra.
David holds a MBA from Tel-Aviv University and MSc. in communication theory from the Technion Institute, Haifa. He also holds more than 20 patents in various fields in systems and communications.

This Webinar

The transition to white box routing brings significant cost savings to Internet Peering, enabling fixed and mobile telecom Service Providers to build massively scalable infrastructures to support growing traffic demands, while keeping costs predictable and under control.

This webinar will demonstrate how Exaware's ExaNOS provides a complete set of features for all peering solutions, whether your model is Internet Peering, Internet Transit, Peering through an IXP, a Multi-homed network, or Private Peering, so you can set up and manage your internet traffic as required, and provide the capacity required by large networks.

What You
Will Learn

  • About Exaware
  • The benefits of disaggregated networks
  • Exaware solution portfolio (Cell site gateway, peering, aggregation, core in the future).
  • Peering with Exaware
    • Peering configurations
    • Requirements for a reliable and scalable peering
    • Benefits of peering with Exaware
    • Use Case
  • DDoS mitigation at the peering point
    • DDoS trends and business impact
    • Benefits of DDoS mitigation at peering
    • Exaware solution
  • Wrap-up


Exaware is a leading provider of carrier-grade network operating systems for mobile and fixed telecom service providers. Founded in 2007 (as Compass Networks) and headquartered in Israel, Exaware has redefined routing software that is engineered specifically for carrier networks. With incredible scale potential and unprecedented rich features, Exaware's open NOS software is ported to low-cost white-box equipment. With extensive experience in real-world applications, the Exaware team of world-class software developers and network engineers has developed best-in-class open NOS software that is set to revolutionize the telecom routing market. For more information, visit www.exaware.com.

EPS Global

SDN-based open networking has matured and the open networking ecosystem is robust. EPS Global sits at the center of this ecosystem, bringing together the hardware and open NOS software to provide turnkey solutions for any use case, delivering value and expertise to your business.