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Optical Transceivers & Active Optical Cables

We provide optical products spanning all Ethernet data rates currently deployed, from 100Mb/s to 400Gb/s. QSFP products supporting link distances of up to 500 meters over multimode fiber, distances over single mode fiber of up to 20km on 100G QSFP28, 40km on 40G QSFP+ and 80km on 10G SFP+. If you need to connect your data centers over metropolitan or regional networks, ourcoherent CFP2-ACO modules can support distances beyond 500km.

II-VI Finisar Transceivers
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Finisar Transceiver Guide

View the full range of applications, features, and benefits for Datacom and Telecom in II-VI's guide to Transceivers, Transponders, and Active Optical Cables.

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EPS Interviews Industry Titans
Christian Urricariet, Sr Director of Product Marketing II-VI/Finisar

In this interview, filmed at the OCP Summit, Christian Urricariet discusses hyperscale and enterprise data center trends, covering the topics of 400Gb and QSFP and QSFP-DD comparisons. A world expert in SWDM4, he also elaborates on why it is the lowest total cost solution for the data center.

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Happy Customers by EPS

We take a customer-centric approach to doing business. We believe the personal touch is so important - offering pre-sales technical advice, expedited account set-up, and technical support through your implementation. Our Account Managers are there to help you succeed and scale. Meet one of our Sales Managers, Seth Haller, and the customers he works with in our latest video: The Sales Experience.

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Optical Transceiver Benefits

Increase Density and Consume Less Power
Extend your Data Center Reach
Readily available - We hold stock!
Data rates of up 400G

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