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How to Identify and Prevent Phishing Attacks

Targeted phishing remains the primary cybersecurity threat to organizations, and NetOps and SecOp teams have become bystanders to solutions that continue to miss the low volume, socially engineered, and highly-damaging campaigns. Further, existing defenses struggle with highly-focused and sophisticated campaigns and users are constantly getting lured into taking phishing baits, leading to significant financial damage or data loss.


Targeted Phishing Attacks and Cybersecurity Threats
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Aggregator Network TAP Garland Technology


Area 1 Security works to identify phishing campaigns, attacker infrastructure, and attack delivery mechanisms during the earliest stages of an attack cycle, and they utilized Garland Technology’s Network test access points (TAPs) to ensure maximum reliability and functionality for their globally-distributed sensors, massive scale web crawling, and comprehensive pre-attack analytics requirements. Area 1 Security turned to Garland Technology’s TAPs to support their global deployment scenarios and massive scalability requirements of 1M through 100G utilization, knowing they required a complete solution that would also support the volume and variety of data that each data center received to keep customers ahead of phishing attacks instead of dealing with the consequences of a breach after the fact.



Garland Technology enabled Area 1 Security to maintain 100% reliability in the most extreme environments to include recent and large-scale security threats from humans, machines, and natural disasters alike. Thus, complete functionality and comprehensive reliability at their global data centers were the largest determining factors helping their customers stay ahead of these looming cyber-attacks. Garland Technology’s reliability and power superiority levels for Area 1 Security customers extended even further into providing 100% accurate False Tolerance analysis, granting a proactive view into early stage DDoS attacks, resulting in Area 1 Security customers being able to take quick action and respond to looming threats. While proactive patterns are critical, the ability for Area 1 Security’s global data centers to obtain and maintain 100% full power with the magnetic failover feature from Garland Technology TAPs, have yielded their only full-scale and 100% reliable network TAP solutions to date. Area 1 Security continues to turn to Garland Technology for the speed of their global logistics, the unparalleled integration support, capacity planning, and modeling surrounding future deployments.


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