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The Critical Lowdown Podcast Episode 31

The Challenges of Component Packaging for the Assembly Line

The global component packaging market is majorly driven by the rising manufacturing activities in consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare and industrial automation sectors. In addition, rising automation in manufacturing processes have also added to the demand for the efficient packaging of components. Capital packaging plays a critical role in the success of volume manufacturing in factories that operate automated assembly processes, including surface main technology or SMT.

The efficiency, speed, throughput and ultimate profitability of a production line depends on the parts being presented consistently and in the right orientation, ready for automated pick and place operations on the line.

To facilitate the storage, transport and assembly of electronic and electromechanical components in manufacturing, they are often packaged into individual pockets within carrier tape. The tape is wound around a reel and can be loaded onto automatic placement machines used on production lines. The process is known as tape and reel.

Tape and reeling is the most reliable and consistent packaging solution for modern manufacturing environments, providing a streamlined, efficient and secure method for handling and placing small electronic components. Tape is customized to fit the exact dimensions and protective needs of specific components and also provides protection to integrated circuits and other non-electronic devices from physical and electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage during shipping and storage.

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