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Carrier, Enterprise, SMB Solution

As more and more devices connect to a Wi-Fi network, it becomes overly congested and unreliable. Edgecore's Access Points have been tested to withstand the rigorous requirements of high-density networks.

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Education Solution

You're a university IT manager, a major challenge of your job is providing a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network for all the users on campus. With Edgecore Networks Wi-Fi solution you can easily manage the access of all these users, by assigning them separate roles.

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Retail Solution

if you're a retailer you're probably wondering how you can enhance the value provided by your Wi-Fi network. Imagine a shopping mall with multiple floors each with its own set of clothing brands, what if you could somehow use the Wi-Fi to perform location-based advertising? With Edgecore's serviced zone concept you can.

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Hospitality Solution

If you're in the hospitality field, then you know how tough it is to keep your satisfaction and occupancy rates high. There is one particular amenity that directly affects customer satisfaction, Wi-Fi. With Edgecore's wireless LAN solutions for hotels which integrates directly with well known property management systems, you can provide a seamless and exceptional Wi-Fi experience.

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simple, affordable, and powerful Wi-Fi solution

With all the smartphones and tablets being used today many IT managers face the same mind-boggling dilemma: "How to provide reliable Wi-Fi access for customers?" Traditional WLAN solutions require many different components such as a controller for AP management, gateway for traffic and bandwidth control, web server for login pages, monitoring system for users and devices, and more. Edgecore offers an all-in-one solution packing the capabilities of all these systems into one comprehensive box.

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