Data Center / Colocation

Data Center & Colocation Applications

Industry demands such as Data Center consolidation, server virtualization, increased capacity & bandwidth, real-time monitoring, uptime and serviceability, along with the desire to implement “green” initiatives is putting stress on current Data Center designs. With more than 10 years experience, EPSGlobal focuses its efforts on smart solutions to allow our clients evolve their Data Centers.

EPSGlobal’s product portfolio can help you minimize unplanned downtime in your Data Center, measure and analyze energy usage per tenant in the rack and monitor environmental conditions. In addition, EPSGlobal has a selection of products that can help you increase reliability, capacity and bandwidth, reduce latency and power consumption at the server level.

What does that mean for you?

EPSGlobal can help you cut costs by increasing the utilization of current resources, limiting Data Center sprawl and can help ensure your tenants’ mission-critical systems are available and secure, allowing you to offer higher quality SLAs.


Now more than ever before, bandwidth-hungry apps and mission-critical systems demand more throughput and capacity. At the same time, highly reliable applications and low latency remain imperative to meet business needs. These demands have been a strong driver for the adoption of optical networks.

Solution: Finisar 40G Transceivers, Finisar 100G Transceivers, Finisar Active Optical Cables


While data center performance requirements are growing, IT managers are seeking ways to limit data center sprawl by increasing the utilization of current resources. Server virtualization has become an appealing option.

Solution: Chelsio Communications, Fusion-io, Virident


Handling Legacy Networks

Solution: CTC Union