Maximize Efficiency

Three or more ICs become One µASIC

With Atlas Magnetic's µASIC, you can combine multiple IC's into one, reducing space and power on your PCB.


µASIC – Configurable Mixed Signal Technology

Asynchronous, Low Power Design



Less than 1uA if analog block is not used.

Low Power

Any-to-Any Connections

Any macrocell can be routed to any other macrocell.

Any to Any Connections



Deterministic Timing
Atlas Micro ASIC
Low Cost

Low Cost,
Smaller Area

Replace several discrete ICs

Uniform Macrocells

Uniform macrocells within family

Easy to transfer and upgrade design as needed.

Higher Quality

Higher Quality

Reducing # parts, configured by hardware, not software

Designers use µASICs to create an extremely
cost-effective IC, unmatched in size and fit

  • 1 Download Free Atlas EDADownload Atlas EDA Request your free copy today
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  • 2 Design
    Atlas Magnetics EDAMake an uASIC with Schematic-Capture Tools
    • Make your design using Schematic Capture
    • Download your design to the development board
    • Test & Debug your design
  • 3 Request Custom IC Samples Configurable ASICs from Atlas MagneticsRequest Custom IC Samples, including:
    • Send your completed design
    • Receive your custom datasheet and part number
    • Receive your custom IC in as little as 2 weeks

Make your own uASIC with easy to use, free, schematic-capture tools

Drag and drop the elements that you needs and create your custom configuration.

Atlas Magnetics EDA

Example of Atlas Magnetics EDA

Atlas Magnetics Evaluation Board

Atlas's Ferro Evaluation Board

Evaluation Board

Configure. Test. Program.

One-size-fits-all across the µASIC product family. It connects to a user’s computer via USB-C and, combined with the Atlas EDA software, allows the user to emulate, test, and program their design.

Probe points are located around the board for easy verification of user designs. Signals are generated using the Atlas EDA software to emulate real user behavior.

Test your uASIC design with the Ferro Board:

  • One size fits all
  • USB-C Interface
  • Emulate, test and program

AM11xx Feature List

Specs AM1U1108 AM1U1112
Package 8-pin TQFN (1.0×1.2×0.42mm) 12-pin TQFN (1.8×2.6×0.42mm) 16-pin TQFN (1.8×2.6×0.42mm) 20-pin TQFN (2.0×3.0×0.42mm) 24-pin TQFN (3.0×3.0×0.42mm)
GPIO 6 10/9 14/13 18/17 22/21
VDD 1.71 - 5.5 1.71 - 5.5 1.71 - 5.5 1.71 - 5.5 1.71 - 5.5
ACMP - 2 2 4 4
TMR 4 8 8 8 8
LUT 10 26 26 26 26
DFF/LATCH 6 15 15 15 15
Pipe Delay 1 1 1 1 1
Prog. DLY 1 1 1 1 1
Pattern Gen - 4 4 4 4
OSC 25kHz/2MHz 25kHz/2MHz
I2C - 1 1 1 1
Temp Sensor - 1 1 1 1
W/S controller - 1 1 1 1
Vref - 1 1 2 2
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About atlas Magnetics

Atlas Magnetics removes components from system boards by integrating features and passive components in a truly cost-effective approach. Using modern packaging techniques and proprietary materials Atlas Magnetics makes ICs which include passive components without the price of large on-die passives or co-packaged modules. Atlas Magnetics products include solutions for Power Delivery, Programmable Logic, RF, and more.

The delivery of high-quality, reliable ICs is the top priority of Atlas Magnetics. Through maintaining the same foundry and other supply chain members across all products Atlas Magnetics quickly provides new products with minimal risk.

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Our customers need the expertise, inventory, and world-class service to get their product to market fast. EPS Global's Engineering team offers technical knowledge and expertise on all your design projects and provides a hands-on personal approach that makes a difference.

Our specialised FAEs and Account Managers support customers in getting their designs done quickly and efficiently from concept through to manufacturing stage, with global logistics support. Most customers build their geographic footprint to take advantage of relative competitive strengths in different territories worldwide: R&D, Development and Manufacturing are often split through territories and partners. EPS’s global profile allows us to service all customers wherever they are and regardless of their plans for future expansion.

In particular, our team has been supporting Microchip products into Tier 1 Storage, Telecom and Networking customers for almost 20 years. EPS's specialized FAEs have an in-depth understanding of every step of the product life cycle garnered from supporting designs incorporating Micorchip Storage ICs, PCIe switches, OTN ICs, Ethernet ICs, FPGAs, Micros etc over the years.

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