About DZS

DZS (NSDQ: DZSI) is a global provider of leading-edge access, 5G transport, and enterprise communications platforms that enable the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world. A pioneer in disaggregated platforms, SDN, and virtualization, service providers and enterprises look to DZS for the innovation that leads to future-proof networks and outstanding performance.

Over 1200 service providers, operators, and enterprises in over 120 countries have leveraged DZS innovation, open solutions, and agility to arm them with the network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead in their markets and deliver an unrivaled communications experience. With manufacturing, engineering, service and support centers of excellence spread across the globe, DZS is positioned to bring next-generation technologies and world-class solutions to service providers and enterprises who are poised to transform, compete and win.

Access Edge from DZS

Access Edge

DZS Velocity Broadband Connectivity solutions accelerate and simplify the network wide deployment of future-proof next generation multi- gigabit services over fiber, so service providers can deliver the advanced services expected by their customers with maximum flexibility, architectural headroom, and operational simplicity.

Subscriber Edge

Consumer-grade Access Points and Service Gateways designed to meet service provider and end-user requirements for high-speed access and in-home services.

Subscriber Edge from DZS
Cloud Edge from DZS

Cloud Edge

Built using open standards and cloud-native best practices, DZS Cloud is the only orchestration and experience management platform purpose-built to manage services across access, mobile, and NFV domains

Optical Edge

Our Mobile Transport products are purpose-built routers, switches and gateways designed to facilitate the deployment of 5G networks around the world. We primarily target use cases where O-RANis driving transformational change including packet-based fronthaul, non-traditional cell sites and In-building 5G small cells.

Optical Edge from DZS

Broadband Connectivity Reimagined - Turning Service ProviDers into Experience Providers

Gunter Reiss, Chief Marketing Officer, DZS

Internet Service Providers face significant challenges in supporting their subscribers with the demand for bandwidth and the number of IoT devices in households surging.

As users enjoy richer services such as 4K or even 8K video, gaming, augmented or virtual reality, and buffer free conference calls, more strain is being placed on the existing wireless infrastructure found in your average household.

In Europe alone, the number of smart light bulbs in households grew by 233% in 2021, while in the US the number of smart devices per household rose to 21 in the same year, yet as the hyper-connected world begins to take shape, accelerated by the global pandemic and changes in how we work and consume entertainment, one thing is for certain - the need for speedy reliable broadband is here to stay.

Research shows 49% of households have changed providers over concerns about their Quality of Experience. So what now for Service Providers who want fewer truck rolls, loyal subscribers, and reduced churn? How can they transform into experience providers, deliver new revenue generating services, and gain unprecedented end-to-end visibility into their networks?

We had the pleasure of speaking to Gunter Reiss who is the Chief Marketing Officer of DZS, to discuss how Service Providers can provide a richer experience to their end customers, while in turn reducing truck rolls, customer churn and create new revenue streams.

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