Pentair/Schroff Cabinets




Pentair's range of cabinets, enclosures for small form factors and tailored front panels provide your data centre or enterprise with customisable solutions to protect, secure and easily access your electronics while reducing and operating and captial expenditure through energy efficiency and cooling; and protecting against environmental factors respectively.


Interscale M

Pentair's Interscale M cases provide reliable mechanical enclosure options for new motherboard form factors including embedded NUC, miniATX, microATX and other common standards. They include integrated EMC protection, extreme stability, innovative cooling and even fanless solutions.


Front Panels


Pentair offers the widest choice of front panels and plug-in units for all kinds of electronics applications in the market. Express your uniqueness, power and professional passion with brilliant colours and any individual design to enjoy the superior look of a system that perfectly fits into your environment.


Electronic Cabinets

Pentair's range of Varistar and Novastar multi-purpose 19" electronic enclosures are designed for data centre and networking applications to protect your data against environmental conditions and reduce your enterprises OpEX through their high energy efficiency.