AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX
AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX

AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX

Manufacturer: Garland

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Product Detail

The visibility of the network begins with the packet. A network TAP (test access point) is a hardware device that enables the user to access and monitor their network traffic by duplicating packets without affecting or compromising the integrity of the network.

The AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX is a specially designed network TAP that supports both aggregation and TAP 'breakout' modes, ensuring that every bit, byte, and packet is visible to the user's tools.

AggregatorTAPs are utilized to capture 100% full duplex traffic, which can then be directed to multiple monitoring appliances or a single monitoring port for network analysis.

AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX
The AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX is a network TAP device that supports aggregation and TAP 'breakout' modes, providing full visibility of every bit, byte, and packet. It captures 100% full duplex traffic, directing it to multiple monitoring appliances or a single port for network analysis, without compromising network integrity.
AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX
AggregatorTAP: 100Base-FX

Features & Benefits

  • Provide 100% full duplex traffic visibility
  • Aggregate traffic down to one link
  • Unidirectional Data Diode design
  • Media conversion: 100Base-FX or 100Base-FX to Copper Gigabit
  • Supports aggregation and TAP ‘breakout'
  • Supports jumbo frames
  • Passes physical errors

Technical Specifications

Device TypeNetwork TAP (test access point)
FunctionAccess and monitor network traffic
Special FeatureSupports aggregation and TAP 'breakout' modes
Traffic Capture100% full duplex
CompatibilityCan be connected to multiple monitoring appliances or one monitoring port




Garland Technology ensures complete network visibility by delivering a full platform of network access products to include: Passive Fiber TAPs, Copper TAPs, Aggregator and Regeneration TAPs, Filtering TAPs, Bypass TAP, as well, Network Packet Broker devices.

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