High speed mouse motion sensor

High speed mouse motion sensor

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Pricing Table

Product Detail

"The ADNS-3090 is a high performance addition to PixArt Imaging's popular ADNS family of optical mouse sensors. The ADNS-3090 is based on a new, faster architecture with improved navigation. The sensor is capable of sensing high speed mouse motion - up to 60 inches per second and acceleration up to 20g for increased user precision and smoothness. The ADNS-3090 along with the ADNS-2120-001 trim lens, ADNS-2220-001 assembly clip and HLMP-EG3E-xxxxx ledform a complete, compact optical mouse tracking system. There are no moving parts, which means high reliability and less maintenance for the end user. In addition, precision optical alignment is not required, facilitating high volume assembly. The sensor is programmed via registers through a four-wire serial port. It is packaged in a 20-pin staggered dual inline package (DIP)."

Pricing Table

Technical Specification

Gesture Mode:
Image Array Size:
3.1-3.6 V
Sampling Rate:
4-Wire SPI
Operating Distance:
Output Types:
Cursor Mode:
Package Size:
12.85 x 22.3 x 5.43
Light Source:

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PixArt Imaging Inc. is a CMOS imaging sensing and navigation company offering a broad selection of sensors and technologies to support today’s complex human-machine interface designs. PixArt specializes in CMOS image sensors (CIS), capacitive touch controllers and related imaging application development.

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